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Do you know about flexsave

Efficient health and
dental claims
for employees

  • Simple implementation
  • Flexible plan options
  • Easy online plan management

  • An employee incurs an eligible medical or dental expense and pays the practitioner (pharmacy, dentist etc.) directly.
  • The employee then completes the online claim submission on the FlexSave online account, attaches a copy of the receipt and electronically submits the claim to HUB Financial.
  • HUB will verify if funds are available for reimbursement under the Employer account. If funds are not available, HUB will send the employer a communication that an amount is required to settle the claim.
  • Upon receipt and verification of an eligible claim and funding, HUB Financial will reimburse the employee directly.
  • The company receives a statement for all the paid claims, including all administration fees and applicable taxes, for income tax deduction purposes.

Flexible Plan Design

Design Your

Wellness Benefit*
Emergency Coverage
Unused Benefits Option


Wellness Benefit*
Do you know about flexsave
Emergency Coverage
  • FlexSave design is simple, yet flexible.
  • You decide your plan year, the maximum benefit for each employee and what to do with unused benefits
  • Additional options include taxable wellness benefits and emergency medical reimbursement both in provide and while travelling.

Funding Your Account

  • You may choose one of the following structures at setup of a new FlexSave™ Account and are able to change it at any time. 

    • Regular monthly deposit
    • ad hoc deposits or
    • pay as you go funding
  • Where employees are enrolled on a plan we recommend pre-funding your account as that will ensure that claims are reimbursed in a timely fashion.

Funding Your Account

Pre-funded FlexSave Account
Do you know about flexsave
Do you know about flexsave

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