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Our goal is to provide a competitive benefits plan for our clients that runs smoothly, is cost effective and worry free. We achieve this goal by providing ongoing education to our clients so that they are able to make more informed decisions. We provide the best customer service available. Once on board, smooth sailing is our focus. We are ALL accessible to our clients and their employees. We strive for 1-day response to any query by telephone, fax or email. On regular basis, we do complete service calls based on the client’s request, so that we maintain constant contact.

Some of the more complex issues that we, as Employee Benefit specialists can provide are as follows:

  • aid in identifying and solving problem areas with regards to structure and tax effectiveness
  • executive compensation—identify and reward key employees through enhanced benefits—key to employee retention
  • ensure Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability programs offer adequate replacement income for employees
  • insight into how benefit products are priced
  • information on all the factors that go into developing rates like TLR (Total Loss Ratios) , Group Demographics, Industry Type etc.
  • ability to challenge and negotiate rate increases, effectively
  • cost containment strategies
  • ongoing management of group plans
  • recommendation of Employee Benefit changes, as company evolves
  • the opportunity to explore the advantages of Self Insuring (ASO – recommended for groups of 50+ employees)
  • conversion of traditional plans to Retention Accounting or ASO, so you save money and do not pay higher profit margins to the carriers.
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